Canvas to Candle

Logo design & brand development

The Story Behind the Scent was a visual project that was born from co-creator Pam Finn who developed the rebranded name & identity for creator Bernice Cooke. My role was to work on the visuals with Bernice to give a serene and calming vibration that would reflect her bespoke artwork and sensual products.  Her attention to detail was second to none so it was imperative that the brand process reflected that and set-her up to give strong visuals that reflected her in her rebranded image. Committed to producing the scents, the story & the artwork in her candles, she required a brand that showed her authentic nature. Working over & back on a consult basis; she was ready to launch in no time creating this soft & natural brand. Best, of all one year later; we redeveloped a retail line for submission for larger stores. Is there anything more rewarding than creating a brand & then getting the opportunity to take it to the next level? The answer is no! Because it means it worked.

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Bernice Cooke