Brenda McArdle Makeup

Logo Design & Creation of Personal Brand

Brenda McArdle Makeup; a beautiful, vivacious & perfect brand; just like the artist and owner. Brenda loves life & her own story is so inspirational; her brand had to follow suit. Every moment of working with her on Brand McArdle Makeup has been a dream as she gets what personal branding means & that is huge when you are working with a client. Authenticity is key to connecting with your market in that communication. A teacher and a student; she loves colour & when she isn’t doing makeup she is dancing and laughing and embracing all that the life has to offer. Her ability to create that in the beauty space is what makes her so special, she brings her magic of who she is & her makeup is what girls always put makeup on for; to go have fun. From Halloween artistry to crazy eyes she skills can go full carnival or to create a toned down demure beautiful look. She loves it, she owns it and her own magic is what makes her work so great. So, for her brand; we had to make it all about her.

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Brenda McArdle Makeup