Jacinta Collins, Brand Boss J

“Media shapes mind, mind shapes change & change shapes your future”

The Founding of Brand Boss J

A time before social media, I graduated from one of the most thorough media courses in the Ireland; studying English, Media & Communications. From my education & work experience in journalism, film & radio production; my visual & written training was as strong as it could be. This twenty-something year old went on to be trained by subeditors & designers from the Guardian, The Sunday World & the UK’s Independent newspaper. A baptism of fire but the best training anyone could ask for as I learned everything from subediting to layout, to design to becoming a regional title’s production editor coordinating with journalists, photographers, ads & printers to complete each week’s edition. Publishing was to be my next career destination & with a progressive, creative & innovative Dutch company like Elsevier, life was looking sunny. I lead the communication and production of a large batch of international medical & scientific titles working with the world’s most brilliant people to oversee their publications successful print & online deliverables. At Elsevier; was trained as a facilitator, achieved a Yellow Belt in Lean Six Sigma & worked on a huge global editorial project in reducing editorial times as well as being given scope to work on other creative in-house initiatives from team-building to well-being. My in-house and international colleagues were incredibly driven and brilliant mentors in areas such as innovation, brand & change management & I was extremely lucky to have learned so much from them. E-learning was my next role as a Quality & Content Specialist; editorially and functionally testing online courses was my role but my production passion led me back to ad hoc project teams in-house to develop apps. 

The online world was calling… it wasn’t long until I knew my role was to go out on my own to transform business & personal communication online, on site & in the media by working with them on the communication of their brand.

From my traditional & online media education & training; coupled with my creative gifts; I visualise personal & professional brands & assist people to put the media & the communication behind it.

I create, communicate & connect.

I am Brand Boss J.

Jacinta #brandbossj